Log 12 – Upgrade your space suit in ROKH

Hello Colonists!
In our last article, we presented the space suit in ROKH and how it will be essential to help you survive Mars’ very difficult conditions. From the basic suit level below, you’ll be able to upgrade your gear to follow your playstyle.

Survive Mars with your advanced space suit!

Remember that ROKH uses a modular crafting system, allowing you to change specific parts and components for the same end product. Using different components provides new stats to an item. Aiming to create consistent gameplay, we wanted this crafting system to apply on the space suit as well. Allowing deep customization will be a key point for survival gameplay: your space suit will be one of your best allies in surviving the Red Planet.

For the early access release, only the basic space suit will be available. But we plan to integrate the space suit upgrading system soon after, in the first updates along with vehicles, crafting, and the food growth system.

The space suit is subdivided in specific upgradable areas: helmet, arms, chest, and legs. On each area you can add specific items (like the MOXIE module, built-in thermometer, built-in Geiger counter…), armor, improved batteries, additional pockets…


The layout below displays the difference between 3 types of upgrades, from the basic suit to a more advanced one. Remember that each area can be improved, so you can upgrade your gear one step at a time.


Here’s an overview for an upgraded suit.

the space suit is your best ally to survive Mars

In this artwork, the helmet and the back is reinforced. The backpack and water containers are extended, too. New items are added, such as the MOXIE module, which allows for oxygen production within the suit.

According to your playstyle (e.g. you prefer to explore Mars as a nomad and scavenge what you can instead of building a huge Martian base), you may prefer to upgrade specific functions for your space suit: more robust, additional inventories, or items to allow greater exploration range. The artwork below illustrates how a more heavily upgraded space suit looks:

the space suit is your best ally to survive Mars
The helmet now has additional devices on it. Armor elements have been added to the legs and feet. Also, the backpack has been extended.


Next week, we’ll start to show you how we managed to create awesome in-game items from our original concept-arts.

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See you soon!