ROKH is now available

Welcome Martians!

We’re in Early Access and Mars is now ready for you to explore, build and colonize! The team has been working very hard these past few months to bring you a unique, immersive experience on the surface of the red planet.

We on the development team are very excited to open the game to the public and are looking forward to seeing what the community creates.

We’d like to give a special thanks to our dedicated group of alpha testers who have already helped us to identify and resolve some key issues and helped us get here to launch. Our focus for the immediate future will be working to resolve any pressing issues that may arise and rolling out patches to ensure a great experience for everyone.

Watch our Launch Trailer here:

As you take your first steps on the red planet rest assured that this is just the beginning for ROKH. The team will be watching closely and reading your feedback. We are poised to work together with the community and keep making the game even bigger and better!


You can check out the latest patch notes here and our known issues and workarounds here:

The Rokh Development Team

PS: All backers should have received their keys by email in the last hours. If you don’t find the email, please check your SPAM.