Log 5 – The Martian Habitat – Building a fully equipped base

Hello Colonists!

Pursuing our theme about the Martian habitat, today we’ll present a more complex example of what your base could look like.

Last week, we described the tile system and how it will enhance the building experience in Rokh. We’ve seen especially that the tile system will turn your habitat structure — every wall, ceiling and floor — into a gigantic grid. This grid allows you to plug every device together with pipe combinations and electric circuits.

Thanks to that, you’ll be able to build a smart shelter, easing your survival on Mars. You’ll have to smartly place devices between the extraction of resources outside and the consumption of refined products inside of your Martian base.

Outside/Inside the habitat

First of all, let’s have a look from the outside:

An habitat on Mars perfect for survival.

An outside view of a Martian habitat. 

We can see here three strategic aspects of the habitat on this concept art: an airlock for pressurization, armored walls for defense and an energy supply from the solar panels.

The first objective of your habitat is to provide you with a pressurized space. For huge structures which would require a lot of oxygen to be pressurized, you’ll be able to alternate between pressurized spaces for survivability and comfort and unpressurized spaces. This will allow you to conserve your oxygen, which is quite precious on Mars.

Armored walls will obviously provide better resistance to potential attacks from other players.

Finally, the solar panels here are directly linked to the inside of the habitat; they allow the player to stock energy or instantly supply it to devices inside, thanks to the wire circuit integrated into the tiles.

Let’s have a view inside now:

Survival on Mars will be eased by your habitat

Examples of pipe combinations linked to habitat devices.

This is great concept art showing how much your habitat can be fully autonomous with the tile system. There are pipe combinations allowing gases and liquids to be hooked up directly into tanks or to supply water. For example, some oxygen concentrated from outside thanks to an atmospheric gas reclaimer can be brought directly into the tanks inside the habitat. The tanks are linked to a control console which allows you to stabilize your habitat pressurization.

Another example is the water extracted outside with a driller from the underground ice, which is brought first into a dirty water tank. A pumps allows liquids to be brought in from the outside, even from a lower level. It finishes the job by bringing this dirty water to a water purifier. This autonomous circuit quenches the player’s thirst far more easily than scavenging water around the map in food caches or by fighting other players.

But before being able to create such an elaborate system, you’ll of course have to craft all of that!

What’s coming up next?

Next week, we’ll present you another key subject so stay tuned!

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