New update is live! Discover our new streamlined crafting, improved mining and more!

Hello Colonists!

We are happy to announce that our newest patch is now live, we are currently wiping and updating the servers. They should be up in the next hour. Get ready to (re)discover the Red Planet!

As presented in previous devblogs, we are confident that this patch (biggest since our release) will change in a better way how you are experiencing the game right now.

With a streamlined crafting, you’ll reach the building stage earlier, allowing you to concentrate on optimizing the perfect Martian base with your friends. The crafting UI has been greatly improved for a smoother experience too.

Unfortunately, these changes require to wipe all the official servers as most of the crafting recipes have been modified. If you own a private server, you will have to wipe it as well to play with this updated version of the game.

While mining and extracting raw resources, you will get more information (quantity left in a node, name of the resource, level of pickaxe required). By pairing that with the highlighted stats in the crafting UI, be sure to make better crafting choices.

A lot of new animations have been added, for a more dynamic player experience while you are exploring the Red Planet. Community objectives have been reworked, we hope they drive players to collaborate together on each server!

Finally, a lot of fixes have been added in this patch. Feel free to share your comments, feedback, bug reports as we are monitoring daily the Steam forums, our Official Discord Channel, as well as our social medias (Facebook and Twitter).

If you report a bug, please follow the instructions provided on the Steam forums (How to report a bug) or on Discord, it helps us debug in a more effective way and helps also our moderators to relay the information! (Big shout out to them: Beaker86, DoctorPelusa and HolyAvengerOne, thanks for your awesome help!). Thanks also to all players who played a bit of the experimental build in the previous days, and provided us really valuable feedback.

Finally, given the many changes and fixes provided with this patch, many threads from the Steam forums will be no longer relevant, expect some of them to be archived.

But enough of chitchat, here are the patch notes ?

Patch Notes:

Major Features

Streamlined Crafting experience

The entire crafting experience has been reworked to be more understandable and provide a better sense of how to progress and thrive on Mars. All recipes, material requirements, amounts and values have been tweaked and adjusted as part of this change.

Notable changes include:
– Removed size variation of various components to unneeded reduce clutter in the crafting window.
– Many recipes have had their required components adjusted or changed.
– Updated base crafting times on several components
– Implemented stat requirements needed for some higher tier recipes, requiring special or more unusual materials.

Improved Crafting Window

Swapping between tools was a big source of feedback from the community. As part of this update, Crafting has been moved to a single unified screen, and draws from equipped items on the tool belt to derive available recipes. The UI has been adjusted to reflect these changes, and better display crafting progress and selected tools and recipes.

Notable changes include:
– Crafting is now a unified screen opened by default with [R] (in addition to clicking while holding a tool)
– Tools currently on the toolbelt are available for use within the Crafting window.
– Materials and components will now display their most important stats based on selected Recipe.
– Materials and components will now filter to only show usable items based on selected Recipe.
– Crafting no longer has an independent Carry Weight and instead uses the Colonists’ carry capacity.
– Each tool will now remember the previously selected recipe, allowing for easier navigation and component crafting for complex recipes.
Mining and Extraction

As part of the improvements listed above the gameplay of mining and gathering resources has had several improvements to aid colonists in finding the materials they need.

Notable changes include:
– Mining UI will now display total remaining resources in a node and the extraction difficulty level.
– The HUD will now display amount of materials gained per successful strike, in addition to the current total in in the backpack.
– Implemented improved animations and impacts for extraction, and fixed desync on strikes.
– You will no longer be locked in place while mining.
– Implemented a Fail animation for attempting to extract from nodes that are too difficult for equipped tool.
– Adjusted distribution and amount of resources in starter area of the map.

Long-Term Objectives

Reworked the Long-Term Objectives (Accessed in game with [O]) to add more progression as well as new unlockable recipe rewards.

– Deep Space Transmitter can now be correctly crafted. Note: The recipe has changed slightly as part of the previously listed Crafting changes.
– Two new objectives will become available for the server once the initial objective has been completed.
– Faction Standing and new recipe rewards will become available to all of the servers Colonists based on the objectives the server chooses to pursue and complete.
– More objectives are planned for the future!
German Localised Client

German can now be selected as a language option from the Options Menu.

Steam Achievements

A starting assortment of achievements have been enabled in Steam that can now be earned in game.

Additional Changes and Improvements

– Repair and Salvage adjusted to make it much easier to select individual components.
– Marked Official Gportal Servers in Browser list.
– Servers that you have a character on will now be reflected in the Server Browser.
– Movement animations have been improved while holding tools and empty-handed.
– Colonist Oxygen tank is now a maximum capacity of 3000.
– Tweaked balance of items found in caches and crates.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a server crash loop caused when a door was locked in an open state.
– Fixed a server crash relating to Gas Reclaimers piping into a sealed space.
– Fixed a server crash when salvaging a Gas Reclaimer.
– Fixed a client crash when placing something in your backpack while crafting.
– Fixed a client crash when switching from recipe book to inventory window.
– Fixed a client crash when moving items into repair workbench slot.
– Fixed a client crash when opening a storage chest with an Advanced Interaction screen open.
– Placing large numbers of solar panels will no longer cause a server to lag.
– Fixed a client crash when swapping between tools with a tooltip open.

– Durability loss is now correctly applied it individual parts in a tool or workbench.
– Fixed Crafting window opening on top of the [Esc] Menu.
– Rad Shield recipe does not show the full name of the required substance.
– Added missing icons on recipes.
– Fixed issue after crafting where the item stack is not updated when it is dragged from the input slot back to the backpack.
– Fixed a bug that prevented Take All Output from functioning correctly on some workbenches.
– Name and total amount of Materials now display correctly inside of Manufacturing Tool.
– Fixed bug with Pressure Kiln preventing it from crafting some recipes.
– Fixed bug with Boiler preventing it from functioning correctly.
– There is now feedback for when a workbench has too little power to function.
– Current power will now update in real time.
– Fixed a bug that caused material state changes to behave inconsistently.
– Pressure and Temperature requirements now display correctly on recipes that require it.

– Crafted Battery Charger will now gather energy correctly.
– Roaster will now connect to circuits correctly.
– Can no longer use salvage and repair interfaces when the workbench belonging to the tool has had components removed through Salvage.

– Portable Electrolyzer, Smelter and Recycler are no longer visually equipped in the Colonists hands while moving.
– Fixed several machines and crafted objects that did not visually reflect the material they were crafted from.
– Fixed issue that caused screen to lock up if more than one tutorial was opened at a time.
– Backstory UI can now be closed with [Esc].
– Fixed a bug in localized clients preventing inventory items from displaying the correct text.