ROKH Development Status – What’s next with the game

Hello Colonists,

We are very grateful that, despite several issues, most of you have recognized the great potential of ROKH. Your love of the game’s concept, core gameplay, and visual style has helped us keep our heads up high, even during troublesome server and technical issues. But, we’re not going to be taking it easy on ourselves, as our goal is to convert as many of those “red thumbs down” reviews on Steam, into “blue thumbs up”.

We feel that the recent crafting update, which smoothes out a lot of issues with crafting, is a good start, but it’s not enough. Players have been consuming the content faster (great!) but started going into less tested areas of the game with bigger bases, exploration of new zones of the map etc… This brought back some strong stability issues. Since launch, we understand that connections and server instability have prevented the game from being widespread by players, medias and influencers as they blocked you for having a long term enjoyable experience. The depth of the crafting and building features in ROKH make some bugs very hard to track and solve. We need more time and more quality insurance resources to fix them. The challenge that we, as an Early Access developer, face right now is that we have to prioritize fixing and expanding the game with limited resources.

With the current state of the game, we estimate it will take two months of dedicated and intensive testing and tuning to be able to give you a truly bullet-proof game.  That means, unfortunately, that we have to streamline our process, and focus our team on exactly what needs to be done.

As such, we’ve made some decisions today that, while they might not make us popular in the short-term, will help us give you a great game in the coming months.  For starters, support has to be reduced. It’s an ugly fact, but there it is, and so – the official Discord will switch to read-only starting today. We will, however, continue to be responsive and keep an eye on the Steam forums. Official Servers will still be up, so you can keep playing, however, we are going to trim down the number of servers available. We’re also going to take a longer time between issuing updates, to make sure they are ironclad before they are released.

We want to thank you all very much for your support and feedback and our best way to express that gratitude is to work hard to give you the game we promised you. Also, huge thanks to our incredible moderators and testers who participated in deep testing sessions and discussions on their free time.

We are moving forward with great confidence. ROKH is our dream game, and we’re only part-way to making it a reality, so let’s all get there together.

Thanks for your understanding, and we hope to see you on Mars soon.

ROKH Dev Team

P.S. If you are a developer that believes in this project and want to get involved, please ping us at .